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  1. Removing EU roaming charges is a big deal

    Thu 03 April 2014

    Today, the European Parlament adopted a notion to ban all roaming charges in the EU. Also, net-neutrality. But the ban on roaming charges could be much more disruptive for the EU Telecoms market than you would expect. It is obviously great if the Swedish tourist heading to Spain on summer ...

  2. Facebook as a super-responsive page-user interaction network

    Tue 01 April 2014

    (and how to replace it)

    Facebook and, to a lesser degree, twitter, are commonly referred to as social networks, i.e., as tools to organize friends, family and followers and communicate with them via messages, wall posts, status updates and tweets. But they also serve as a tool to keep ...

  3. Dash (Zeal) and Julia

    Mon 21 October 2013

    Dash is a brilliant Documentation App for Mac OS X, Julia is a promising new language for technical computing. What's better than getting the Julia documentation, which up to now has mostly lived on the web, into Dash, so that those long train rides through the countryside can be ...

  4. MATLAB in the Biosciences - a Tutorial

    Fri 11 October 2013

    Download as pdf or epub

    The aim of this tutorial is to provide people working in the biosciences with little ...

  5. MATLAB in the Biosciences - Solutions

    Thu 10 October 2013

    Download as pdf

    Exercise 1

    % there are several ways for creating these arrays
    % 1 - squared brackets
    A = [1 3 5; 3 6 3; 9 8 5]
    % 2 - functions for array creation
    A = rand(3)
    A = magic(3) 
    b = [3; 4 ...
  6. Julia for MATLAB users III

    Thu 19 September 2013

    Previous articles explored julia and its plotting facilities in the Winston package. The workflow used there, (i) data import, (ii) plotting and (iii) graphics export, will be used in this article as well, however, this time using Dataframes and Gadfly in julia and dataset arrays in MATLAB.

    Dataset arrays are ...

  7. Julia for MATLAB users II

    Sun 25 August 2013

    In the last posts I installed julia, some graphics packages and some dependencies on a Mac and compared one way of plotting in julia - using Winston and plotting several datasets into one plot - with the typical approach in MATLAB. This post will show how to plot each individual dataset into ...

  8. Julia for MATLAB users I

    Thu 22 August 2013

    A number of excellent free open-source alternatives to MATLAB have arrived in the last couple of years that have managed to bite away parts of MATLAB's market share. Most notable are R, which is now the dominant language for statistical computing and bioinformatics and Python (with numpy, scipy etc ...

  9. Installing julia for data visualization stuff

    Tue 20 August 2013

    Julia is a relatively novel language intended for technical computing, basically a direct contender of MATLAB/Octave, Python/scipy/numpy or R. The crucial difference between Julia and the other languages is its powerful JIT compiler, which is responsible for some impressive benchmark results. I'm exploring Julia as a ...

  10. Setting up a Mac for Scientific Computing and Software Development II

    Wed 10 July 2013

    Part i covered the preparations for installing software development and scientific computing tools: Editors, the Terminal, Mac OS X Package Managers and some bash basics. In part ii we will dive into setting up a Python environment and all tools necessary for blogging and scientific computing. Part iii will decribe ...

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