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  1. Instant gratification and drunken posting blocker

    Di 31 Januar 2017

    The internet has plenty of advantages, but also (at least) two disadvantages for the digital human being: the constant availability of slightly interesting information and the constant possibility of getting a quick shot of self esteem through social media likes. Related to that, but fortunately only a temporary issue, is …

  2. Removing EU roaming charges is a big deal

    Do 03 April 2014

    Update January 2017

    The European commission came to similar conclusions as those below - and limited the effects of its end-of-roaming-initiative to disallow a real competition between carriers from different European countries. Unfortunately, we will still suffer from limited competitions and widely varying offerings within the single market.


    In April …

  3. Facebook as a super-responsive page-user interaction network

    Di 01 April 2014

    (and how to replace it)

    Facebook and, to a lesser degree, twitter, are commonly referred to as social networks, i.e., as tools to organize friends, family and followers and communicate with them via messages, wall posts, status updates and tweets. But they also serve as a tool to keep …