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Posted Di 31 Januar 2017

Instant gratification and drunken posting blocker

The internet has plenty of advantages, but also (at least) two disadvantages for the digital human being: the constant availability of slightly interesting information and the constant possibility of getting a quick shot of self esteem through social media likes. Related to that, but fortunately only a temporary issue, is the constant danger of communicating self-deluded drunken bursts of insights or sentimentalities to the whole world, to the detriment of all. Just talking about a friend, you know.

A solution to this issue is now available as an Add-On for Firefox (and soon for Chrome as well): InstagratBlock, a one-click temporary website blocker. Simple and unobtrusive, I hope:

InstagratBlock in Action

If you have any issues, would like some other feature or just want to chime in, please file an issue in the corresponding Github repository.

Category: Society
Tags: web procrastination drunken-facebook-posting