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  1. Julia for MATLAB users III

    Do 19 September 2013

    Previous articles explored julia and its plotting facilities in the Winston package. The workflow used there, (i) data import, (ii) plotting and (iii) graphics export, will be used in this article as well, however, this time using Dataframes and Gadfly in julia and dataset arrays in MATLAB.

    Dataset arrays are …

  2. Julia for MATLAB users II

    So 25 August 2013

    In the last posts I installed julia, some graphics packages and some dependencies on a Mac and compared one way of plotting in julia - using Winston and plotting several datasets into one plot - with the typical approach in MATLAB. This post will show how to plot each individual dataset into …

  3. Julia for MATLAB users I

    Do 22 August 2013

    A number of excellent free open-source alternatives to MATLAB have arrived in the last couple of years that have managed to bite away parts of MATLAB's market share. Most notable are R, which is now the dominant language for statistical computing and bioinformatics and Python (with numpy, scipy etc.) which …

  4. Creating “real” subplots in SimBiology using the Plot Type Library

    Mi 27 Februar 2013

    The SimBiology Desktop offers a number of different plot types that can be chosen in a task window. The default plot type in a simulation task, for example, is the Time plot, which plots states against the simulation time:

    Time Plot Type

    Three items need to be configured for this plot type:

    • tobj …